About Sydney Imaging



Sydney offers many services to his clients so that he can meet any and all of their needs. Syd's photography is creative and he is more than happy to accommodate clients in their visions. He shoots on-location and in studio and tailors every session to the client. It is very important to Syd that his client has the best services possible and is willing and able to provide such service. Sydney shoots portraits, family portraits, fashion, portfolio, head shots, pets, engagements, and is more than happy to tackle anything thrown his way.

All non-portrait photographs are available in print format. Simply contact Sydney and he can arrange to have a print done for you.

Web Design

Sydney had designed and built multiple websites. He will sit one on one with you to make sure you recieve the best website possible. Here is a list of some of the websites Sydney had bulit so far.








Sydney Imaging offers custom prints of all his work, making each and every print a perfectly tailored final product. This means that his clients can conveniently order prints from him without having to go to secondary sources, which cannot provide the quality of print that Sydney Imaging can. Sydney Imaging provides custom sizing and color correction to ensure that the each and every final photograph comes out picture perfect


Sydney is deft and precise in Adobe Photoshop. Retouching and photo editing is included in each and every one of his photographs. Syd strives to make each photograph an experience rather than just a picture. Sydney is also able to restore old photographs. He digitizes them and then uses Photoshop to clean up the image and fix the color, to restore photographs to their former glory. Syd can also colorize old black and white photos, making them look as they never have before.

Print Design

Trained in Print Design at Toronto Image Works, Sydney can create prints for an assortment of purposes including album art, publicity, menus and restaurant promoting. He has a vast knowledge of typography and is determined to meet the vision of his clients.